FedEX Dominoes   Agency: BBDO Production Co.: OPC Director: Jeff Lowe  Hired by OPC to design and build this Rube Goldberg contraption in which various awards were won and many minds lost.   A total of 1874 FedEX boxes were lost during production.
Thug-Li - Run This
Mercedes Benz Disco Ball
  Huawei P9 #OneRamadan   Agency: Memac Olgivy Production Co.: Independent Art Director: Me  10 lucky souls were given 10 Huawei P9 phones to shoot my storyboard that showcases the spirit of Ramadan. Sounds peach right? What I was left with was 16,000 photos that weren't shot on a tripod which of course had to be coloured individually, rotated, skewed, chopped, groomed, loved, and whatever you can think of that makes it that much harder.  After that was all said and done and some grey hairs bloomed, it still managed to reach 100,000 views on the first day alone.  Fun Fact: I was in Canada while my editor was in Switzerland and team was in Dubai.